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HarvestSync™ for Salesforce

Intended for companies and professional services organizations that track time entry related data for internal or clients projects, the HarvestSync connector effortlessly integrates time entry data from the Harvest time and expense tracking web-based application with Salesforce CRM.

Features of HarvestSync™ v3.x

  • Time Card Integration: Automatically bring in all of your Harvest time entry data into Salesforce each hour.
  • Archive/unarchive projects in Harvest by clicking a button from Salesforce.
  • Use Salesforce generated or pre-existing project IDs.
  • Includes initial set-up via web conference if requested.
  • Utilize robust Salesforce CRM reporting and analytics to understand your projects.
  • Lightning ready.
  • Pricing: $750/organization/year (unlimited users in the same org)

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are sync'd between Harvest and Salesforce?

The HarvestSync application syncs the following information:

  • Time Entries are synced one-way from Harvest to Salesforce
  • The Toggle Project button in Salesforce will archive or unarchive a project in Harvest

The Account and Project objects are not synced with Harvest and must be created manually. Additionally, task types, invoices and expenses in Harvest are not synced to Salesforce. For most clients, you don't create that many projects in a given week or month. It is the time entries that are critical. The fields for budget, etc on the Project object in Salesforce are informational and can be modified or removed, but do not sync with the Project record in Harvest.

How do I install and configure HarvestSync™?
To install and configure the HarvestSync™ application, see our installation instructions.
We already have a "Project" custom object in Salesforce. Can we use this one instead?


We already use a custom object called 'Projects'.  When installing the Harvest connector it appears as if we have to use the Project object which was installed with the connector, also called Projects. Is there a way to add the relevant fields, etc. to our already customized Projects object?
When you install the HarvestSync (automated sync) or Harvest2Salesforce (manual sync) application, it will create a new custom object called Project.  The code in our application that syncs time entries from Harvest to salesforce is specifically designed to sync these records to the Project object included in our package.  There is no configuration or option to allow you to sync time cards to other objects including a Project object you may have already set up.
Make the new Project object your primary project and update your reports and custom fields onto this object.


How can I show the Billable/Non-Billable Status of a time entry in Salesforce?


The billable/non-billable status of the task type in Harvest does not automatically come into Salesforce, but here is one way you can achieve the same thing

  1. Create a formula field on the time card record in Salesforce called "Billable" of type text with a formula similar to this: 


ISPICKVAL(Project_Expense__r.Project2__r.InvoiceMethod__c,"This project is not billable"),

FIND("No Charge", Task_Type__c)>0 ),"Non-Billable","Billable")

  1. Create one or more task types in Harvest that contain the string "No Charge".  

  1. When the Task Type label is brought into Salesforce, the formula field will indicate if it is billable or not.
Harvest Project and time entries have disappeared.

If your HarvestSync license expires, you will no longer be able to view the Project and Time Entries objects. The data is still there and can easily be recovered by re-activating your HarvestSync license. To do so, you can go to the HarvestSync AppExchange page and click the Checkout Now button to purchase a renewed license. Alternatively, if you have received an invoice, it should contain a link to pay the invoice, which once paid, will trigger an action internally to extend your license.

Error: There was a problem saving your configuration in Harvest Settings.


Error occurs when you click the save button on the HarvestSync Settings page after changing the sync options


Make sure you are on the latest release of HarvestSync. If you upgraded from a previous version of HarvestSync, it is likely a prior sync job is running. The upgrade cannot automatically delete the old sync job. Consequently, you will need to manually delete any prior HarvestSync job and then try to save again. To access existing jobs, while logged into Salesforce as a System Administrator, go to Setup > Environments > Jobs > Scheduled Jobs. Look for the HarvestSync job and delete it. Then try to save your sync settings again from the HarvestSync Settings Page. If that doesn't resolve your issue, please log visit our Support tab and provide the details.

How much does HarvestSync™ cost?

HarvestSync™ is $750/company per year (unlimited users).

How to Purchase HarvestSync


Client has installed a trial of HarvestSync in their production instance of Salesforce and now wants to purchase the HarvestSync license subscription.


After installing HarvestSync in production, (1) go to the AppExchange and click the circle in the top right of the screen and select “My Installs & Subscriptions”. You should then see all of the applications you have installed in your Salesforce environment. By the HarvestSync for Salesforce, click the down arrow (2)  on the right and you should then see a choice for Buy Now (3).

Can we try HarvestSync before we purchase it?

Yes! When you click the "Get it now" link and install, you will have a fully functioning 60-day trial. The trial may be installed in your production or any number of sandboxes.

After you have purchased your license, we will convert your trial to an active license. The license includes UNLIMITED users for one production Salesforce instance as well as unlimited sandboxes. You may cancel your subscription at any time; however, amounts already paid are non-refundable.

How do I get a receipt from my purchase of an app from the AppExchange™?


  • Click on your picture (avatar) at the top right of the AppExchange screen once logged in and select the "My Installs & Subscriptions" item.

  • From the list of installed applications, find HarvestSync, WeightedScoring, or other app that you are looking for a receipt for.

  • Click the down arrow and select "Manage Subscription" by your selected application.

  • Scroll down to the Payment History and select the invoice you are after. 

How to Change Your Credit Card on Your Subscription


If you purchased your subscription (including HarvestSync and WeightedScoring) via the AppExchange and want to change the credit card for your renewal, do the following:

  1. Go to and login as a Salesforce system administrator in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Open the dropdown menu and select "My Installs & Subscriptions"
  3. Find the PowerApp you wish to change the credit card on and click the drop-down triangle to the right and select "Manage Subscription"
  4. At the very bottom RIGHT of the screen click the "Edit" button.
  1. Then click on the Edit Payment button on the next screen:
  2. Finally, click Review Changes to accept the changes to your payment:

Mellow Sky is unable to change the credit card details for subscriptions purchased through the AppExchange; you must do this yourself through the process above.

How to Cancel License Subscription

If you purchased your application (HarvestSync or WeightedScoring) via the AppExchange and do NOT want it to be renewed, do the following:

  1. Go to and login as a Salesforce system administrator in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Open the dropdown menu and select "My Installs & Subscriptions"
  3. Find the application you wish to cancel and click the drop-down triangle to the right and select "Manage Subscription"
  4. At the very bottom of the screen on the left click the "End Subscription" button.

If you purchased your application directly from Mellow Sky Solutions (you will not see Manage Subscription as a choice), go to the Support tab of the Mellow Sky website and provide us your company name and the OrgID of your Salesforce instance. Let us know you want it to be cancelled. Mellow Sky is unable to cancel subscriptions purchased through the AppExchange; you must use the End Subscription process above to do so.

Can't Uninstall HarvestSync - No Uninstall link


Clients who installed HarvestSync from the AppExchange and completed their purchase will not see an Uninstall link under Setup > Installed Applications. Instead, such clients must follow an alternate uninstall procedure (which cancels the subscription first).


Login to the AppExchange ( with your Salesforce system administrator login. Click on your avatar (picture) at the top right of the AppExchange once you are logged in and select: My Installs & Subscriptions. Next locate the HarvestSync™ application and select "Uninstall" from the dropdown menu to the right of the application.

Some Projects in Harvest are not automatically syncing


Some projects sync to Salesforce, but not all projects


  1. Make sure the Project Code External Id field in Salesforce has a unique match in Harvest. The code has to be unique in BOTH Salesforce and in Harvest. It IS possible in Harvest to have duplicate Project Codes. While it will warn you, it will allow it. If you have a duplicate in Harvest, Salesforce won't know which is correct and will pick one and may pick one with no time or the wrong one.

    2. Projects in Salesforce that are marked as completed (by virtue of having a value in the "Date Completed" field on the Project record) will not automatically sync. If the "Date Completed" field is populated, the Project will not automatically sync, but you can manually sync them by clicking the "Sync Harvest Time Entries". To resume the automated sync for the Project, remove any date value in the "Date Completed" field.

HarvestSync Sync Error

When attempting to sync with Harvest or when authorizing your Org for integration with Harvest and you get an error either through the HarvestSync email notification or from the UI, please upgrade to the latest version of HarvestSync. 

Harvest has breaking API changes that broke integration with HarvestSync version 3.9 and earlier.  Please update your HarvestSync to version 3.27 or later.

Examples of possible error messages when using version 3.9 and earlier.

Unexpected character ('<' (code 60)): expected a valid value (number, String, array, object, 'true', 'false' or 'null') at input location [1,2]

HarvestSync System Requirements

  • You must have an active Salesforce® account of Enterprise, Unlimited, Platform, or Developer edition.
  • Salesforce® Essentials and Professional Edition are NOT supported.
  • You must have an active HarvestApp account (get free trial).

Terms & Conditions

MSS (the Publisher) will install and test the initial installation upon request. Any errors after installation and testing will be the client's responsibility. Client understands that triggers, flows, and other customizations Client may elect to do following the initial installation and test will not be supported by the publisher. Publisher is not responsible for the availability of the Salesforce CRM or Harvest services or the elimination of any included features and makes no warranty for Salesforce or Harvest uptime or features. By installing this package, the installing organization agrees to receive email from the Publisher about the application's features. Organizations can opt out at any time.